seo uzmanı olmanın yolları

ways to become a seo specialist

Ways to become an Seo expert

One of the main reasons why unsuccessful results are taken in SEO studies is wrong or missing target word choices. We see the reason why the unplanned / unscheduled arrivals are going to go down to the source of this mistake, that is the seo works which are being done more correctly. The general opinion is that seo work started after the site opened. However, if you want to achieve a real success in your target audience, you must start your domain registration phase. Before you open your website, you should identify your target words or phrases and register your domain name in accordance with these words. You have passed but you have not finished the match yet, if you are defensive, you will not be able to withstand the smashes shot by google uncanny. Once you’ve opened your site, you should convince search engines that you should succeed in your target goal. When choosing natural words you should also pay attention to criteria such as search volumes and competition. If you specify high-competitive target words such as “computer”, “fashion”, “news”, you may miss your cost enjoyment. You can get help from google, such as the average number of searches per month, the level of competition, and so on.


The meaning of the statistics is as follows;

Approximate Average Search Volume: How much of the questioned sheep is searched on average per month.

Local Search Volume: How much is Kelimen per month (usually last month).

Advertiser Competition: The average of Google AdWords and advertisers to rank first in results for this term.

Without summarizing your domain name, you will be able to quickly and efficiently return your seo studies to enter the content appropriate to your budget and key phrases appropriate to your budget. I wish you success in your work, stay calm.

I can express the ways of being a seo expert like this.

During the periods when there was no social media and the only way to reach the mass demand of the supply side was through written and visual means, advertising was preliminary and quite salty. Firms, corporations, individuals, or anyone else in question, now have to compete very little with little cost. Competition in search engines, which is one of the biggest marketing markets that everyone has started to accept and I believe, is undergoing seo work. By using social media platforms that prove to be an important part of these work, you can overcome your opponents and get one step closer to your targeted audience. Social media users mainly consist of three segments; groups, companies / institutions, individual users.

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