What is PageRank?

In this article, I will summarize what the PageRank value means and try to answer the question of what PageRank is. PageRank; The name given to the system where the google search engine valued websites 1 to 10. At the same time, the PageRank name has been registered by Google.


If we are going to express it simply; Google considers all links to a website to be references to that site. The value in the reference last calculated relates to the PageRank of the referring web site. A web site’s link to another site (backlink) and the PageRank that it can provide is obtained by dividing its PageRank into the number of connections it sends out. Of course, that’s not all. Although we do not explain the details of calculations as Google images, we can say from the examples; While the PageRank is calculated, the links you give to other sites (for your PageRank) are not taken into consideration, and you can link as much as you want unless you have an excessive link exit from your site. This only reduces the value of your reference. As far as I can see in the seo studies I’ve done so far, the ideal link output is a maximum of 10, making it less effective on sites with more link output.

When Google calculates a PageRank of a site, it does not calculate all the links that appear to it, preferring that the links have fewer links. Links from too many backlinks, called “linkfarms”, are often not accepted. Some links may even be punished by Google. Of course you can not control links to your site (*), but linking to a penalized website may also result in your being penalized. While all search engines are usually within this approach, it can be particularly difficult to convince Google uncertainty to link. It is very important that the backlinks of your page have the same or similar content as yours and bring extra points.

Of course, PageRank alone is not an effective factor in keyword work, but it is an important criterion. I have plenty of seats, plenty of hits, plenty of PageRank days, and I am staying in peace.

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