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We are continuing to develop this success that started in Istanbul with reference to many companies.

We continued to develop ourselves by providing seo services to many individual and corporate companies in istanbul throughout istanbul.

We will continue to provide a more successful service to corporate seo or individual seo clients who are willing to join my organization.

Seo proves its importance every day in the developing internet environment, e-commerce and other markets. Whatever the content of a website, seo work is needed to reach its target mass. For those who do not know the search engine algorithm and work logic, these are very expensive and can be minimized with a few techniques you will learn. Seo studies are made in Turkey with reference to google, which is why 90% – 95% of the questions made from the search engines are made via google. In this case, our target search engine should follow the algorithm changes and we should focus on the optimization works that will go for it. Google removed the most recent penguin algorithm, so the seo market was overtaken. The master of the matter solved the situation shortly, of course, but the situation for the other side is not very bright. From my own impressions, google penguin algorithm will sort the following items about seo techniques;

* The key to your domain name has increased considerably. “Istanbul seo”

* The work done by old domains has become permanent and productive. “Istanbul seo”

* The query sequences changed according to the regions and regions. (Your rank in Istanbul may not be the same in another city.) “Istanbul seo”

Backlink is a key force in keyword work, still important, but not as old.

* Hacklink is an effective method, when the link is deleted, google can bold heavy bills. “Istanbul seo”

* Increased the importance of RSS feeds. “Istanbul seo”

The frightening friend we see in the picture has brought the end of the spammers, those who have been living on the seo market for years with hack and programs. We are always alert and waiting for you to make mistakes, but we will not break the law and try to be a lamb-laden thing with this friend. Now, going out of my own famous impressions, I will rank a few ways that this friend likes;

* If your site is Turkish, make a link from Turkish sites.

* Make sure you log in once every few days.

* Link your key words in the article you entered into the site. (Eg istanbul seo)

* Print your own promotional post from high indexed or hit sites.

* Never add links that may be deleted. (Addressed to Hacklinkist friends)

* Sprinkle your key words among the articles on the sites with lots of text.

* Absolutely do not use excessive copy content, the spooky friend above cuts the punishment you need.

* Try to authenticate a little while using copy content, you will get your opponent.

* Do not link to other sites while your Seo work is in progress.

* Practice the items regularly without escaping altogether, if you breathe 15-20 times a day, the situation is grave.

* and the most important substance; The PATIENT!

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