Google, Bing, and Alexa Meta tag validation

Google, Bing, and Alexa Meta tag validation

By using the Google Bing Alexa webmaster tools, you need to improve your statistics and performance, and do Meta tag validation for webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools for Effective SEO How to be used is very debatable. There are different types of validation methods such as uploading all three html files, uploading XML, and using more domain name providers, but the common thing in all is the Meta tag validation. This article will help you with Meta tag validation for Google, Bing and Alexa.

Meta tag validation Google

Once you see this, you will see a Meta tag, and you’ll see the option “Verify your site” and check the HTML tag verification method. Google Webmaster Tools

<meta name = “google-site-verification” content = “sdffdsfgsgsgdshernynyu-kyuk7ZgsdiCK1e-khkjhkhmbdbvc” />

Copy and paste the web sites into the <head> section. If you are using WordPress, you can click on View> Organizer and select header.php in the dashboard and add and validate under the <head> tag by clicking on Google webmaster tools.

Bing meta tag validation

Go to “Site Configuration” in the Bing webmaster tools and you will see your site “be open” and two options need to validate an XML and other Meta tag.

You’ll see a Meta tag validation for Bing like this

<meta name = “msvalidate.01” content = “E6888vB9GDSGDSGJOJOJOIWF3r2BC613BBE7” />

copy the tag and paste it under the Google verification code, and verify your Bing site.

Alexa meta tag validation


In Alexa site management, the site “sees the option” is open and such a verification ID will be given

[kOGOPOP_KKNKNOpm3Ufdsfdsf_swehnyjmuy] Use this code and paste it before the <head> section.

<meta name = “alexaVerifyID” content = “kOGOPOP_KKNKNOpm3Ufdsfdsf_swehnyjmuy” />

Note: Never remove these Meta tags from your website.

I hope you found this article helpful about validating Google, Bing, and Alexa Meta tags.

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