Why does software and technology not develop in Turkey ?

Why does software and technology not develop in Turkey ?

Hello friends, I’m going to try to explain an event and a fact in Turkey.

In Turkey , the people who write games in the software are settled in the United States and continue to live there.This means that the software is not important in Turkey.I’m going to tell you something that’s happened to me. I will try to explain why Turkey is open to public websites and why it does not develop.

I went to Ankara to apply as a kosgeb IT specialist. It said that the application was on Saturday, but when I left, no place was open, no door walls. I saw the door open inside and pulled the sliding door and tried to get in. Security guards said it was closed today, so I showed the ad on the website. Security guards said they were not instructed. I tried to convince him a bit, told him that I came from Istanbul to apply, called a few places, brought the paperwork and made the application, the security guard said:;

“You do not need to apply already, the people to be identified. 2 years ago (2015), the cleaner , driver, they started to work as an IT specialist, you think you have a chance to enter here, he replied.”

Now , I ask, would you prefer to work for 3 cents after we have developed ourselves for years and started military wages because there is no job statement when we graduate, write code for years, develop projects and specialize ? of course, I would consider settling in America and living my life in a good way. If you put the chauffeur in Turkey and cleaning worker in us as a Informatics person, software and technology will not develop in Turkey….

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