While the importance of data security continues to grow day by day, the use of programs that allow the retrieval of accidentally deleted data is also increasing, as it is unnecessary from the other side. There is no guarantee that a deleted file will be restored. For this reason, before you start writing, you think it is important for you; pictures, video, documents, mail .. etc .. I recommend you to safely back up your data.


There are many programs to restore deleted files, but most of them are programs that do not work or do not provide the desired performance. Let’s take a look at what programs you can use to bring back a data you have deleted, either intentionally or unintentionally.

1- Recuva

There is Recuva in the province order among the data recovery programs. You can also recover contents of devices such as memory card and mp3 player with this program which can be used freely to recover accidentally deleted files. Apart from Recuva’s data recovery feature, it also has features such as correcting mistakes and cleaning viruses in the deleted data.

2- Partition Recovery

Among the best data recovery programs are Partition Recovery. Partition Recovery is a program that can recover all or part of a diskette that has been deleted on the computer. When you run the program, the program seems to be unresponsive, but will wait for a while and show you the corrected parts at the end of the process.

3- DMDE Free Edition

DMDE Free Edition is another program that we can recommend to you to save your data. To use DMDE Free Edition, which provides data recovery from each model drive type, you first select the drive and then you can select the files you want to recover from a similar interface in Windows Explorer and select from them. There are some restrictions in the free version, but the amount of data you can recover is not limited.

4- DiskDigger

With DiskDigger, you can recover any kind of data that you can open on your computer. With DiskDigger, you can also recover data from storage media such as memory card, floppy disk and external disk. With this program you can practically recover your data such as deleted files, pictures, music and videos.

5- Paragon Rescue Kit 14

It’s the best program in its class for data recovery. Like other data recovery programs, we can not only restore the operating system while it is operating, but also recover the data when the operating system can not be started. You can install the program while the system is already running, and you can repair the problems with the boot media and later on your computer with this boot disk.

Back up in storage media or on reliable cloud storage areas that are important to you and are safe for the quality of your data, so that you do not deal with data recovery operations and risk your privacy. Whatever programs we mentioned above are good at this job, remember that there is no guarantee of bringing back a data.

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