Dinamik SEO İşlemleri

Dynamic SEO Transactions

Dynamic SEO Transactions



I will explain SEO. This will be a bit of a website coder. I did not actually try these hints, but I wrote in the Google Webmaster forum and wrote about the news I followed and did some research for ASP.Net. I would like to present them to you.

1- HTML Meta Tags Dynamicize in ASP.


I would recommend that you do this if you are not using Linq or Entity in your database operations.


public class SEO
public string Description {get; set; }
public string KeyWords {get; set; }
public string Robots {get; set; }

Open a database class and extract the tablature data that you created there and add it to the appropriate lines. I recommend you to print it according to the page ID, bring the appropriate meta tag information for the appropriate page. in meta tags


<meta name = “keywords” content = “<% = Database.SeoGetir (Title) .KeyWords%>” runat = “server” />
<meta name = “description” content = “<% = Database.SeoGetir (Title) .Description%>” runat = “server” />
<meta name = “roborts” content = “<% = Database.SeoGetir (Title) .Roborts%>” runat = “server” />

I chose to access Seo information by querying the site title. If you do not want to write pasta code, use Linq to Sql or Entity Framework. So your site has become a dynamic seo transaction.

2- Use the Google Analytics API for stats Do not write exhaustive services for visitor numbers or other stats on your website. Connect your ASP.Net site with the Google Analytics API service and pull all statistics. I can not tell that to this article. It’s a long topic, but you can find it on the internet because I can not add a shouting block. “Dynamic SEO Transactions”

3-h1, h2 .. Use the headings and highlight your important words in your content. This is a seo study if you notice the differences in this writing. It may be something you find very interesting, but it is a real and still ongoing system. If you take important and emphasized words into dark text and work with sitzen headlines, you will have a better seo operation. You can use the Cheditor’s edit editor to create your texts faster.

4. Type the title and details of the pictures and links you have uploaded. Include subtitles and captions in images you upload to your site, and get your site in Google Images

5- Page URL Structure If you make the URL structure of your page dynamic like seo information, this is very nice for you. For example, do something like this on a link. If you make an edit in the form of / Category / Subcategories / Articles, you can google google thanks to the keywords on the google search.

6 – Add Google Webmaster Tools to your site Link your site by linking to your API Just like Google Analytics API is there, Webmaster Tools also has some features. It is very important to make these devices. If you want to make your business easier and you want to attract data at the same time, I recommend Google API Kullnman 🙂

7 – Carefully create a Sitemap If you shape your site on the sitemap you can properly register on the search engines properly. You see some sites. There are categories on the site’s homepage and in the small links below. To do this, I recommend setting your Sitemap view as Root / Category / Subcategory.

In fact, this applies not only to ASP, but also to all web sites.

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