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I have decided to rewrite it to give you the correct information for a new seo writing. I expect to be listed after many seo keys in google seo or ankara seo keys.

If Seo is actually logic, correct guess, good follow-up and you are an original article content, if there is a gentle backlink supporting your site, google will have your first page in your site. Let’s define it as an anchor seo and I will talk about how to make it list first. Analyze the site, which is the head of the list, which pages this list is headed to, “it would make sense to examine the top 10 sites in the past.” analyze the key words used by the sites, do not forget to check where the competitors get the link, a beautiful original article,

google webmaster tools, if you introduce it, you will see a little movement in this key word .. how to do a seo word analysis?

First I state that the black concept is relative. Is the fact that another method of reaching out to the methods I have been able to achieve is causing this method to be included in the blackhat category? If Blackhat SEO is not there or is it another name, is it the liver? What if there are no seo dealers in the corporate air? For example, let’s examine the infrastructure of, the leader of the epic seo word for a long time. A total of 3.9 thousand backlinks comes to 1.8 million reference links. 1.8 million reference links are followed by followed by frenetic sites;,, When you open and examine the sites, the free theme that the seo teacher gives you is welcoming us. Aa what do you see in the footer part of the link is seo. Since most of the site owners do not have php information, they are unable to find the code snippets encoded in the theme and have to host them on this seo linkin site. Now I am asking you to play with the buttons of the colors of an ordinary theme and to make it a nationally seo compatible theme, is it ethical seo mu? Where is the institutionalization to force the link without forcing people to choose? Is not this professional, google serfitian people so insecure? I’m not even talking about spam comments they send to blogs with automated programs, even they have been awarded by Google for superior spamming.

Is it over? Of course, this professor does not end up telling her goodbye. The first page that comes to me with address .. The most linked sites are attracted to the top of the portuguese site;
Now you will say hacklink, do not slander, your friends may have connections in Portugal, maybe it will happen. In this companion, a different version of the seo teacher adds links to the clients’ sites. see; Your friend even has connections in the state, maşallah you call nazar haberin; is, it is

When I look at the profile of, the situation is not much different. Several hundred comment links and a few hacklinks thrown in with automated programs.

The analysis I made is superficial, but it is very obvious that it is being studied organically. One of the ten best friends of the Velhasian folks has turned out to be a smart corporate company, with the qualities of serfitic diplomats that you can not fit in your arms at all. There is a proper proverb in this case, but I do not have it in my mind, now you say good night to the bad guy!

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