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Fast Seo Techniques in 10 Steps

Fast Seo Tactics in 10 Steps ..


1. Title and Key words
Title is one of the highest things. Right behind it comes the keywords. Like humans, google will also pay attention to what you see in the first page of the page. For this reason, your page title and keywords will be unequaled, which will cause you to be loved by google. Of course, title, keywords, and content alignment may not be enough to get top rankings in popular words. In addition, Keyword is 70 characters, which should not be ignored. Likewise, Yahoo and MSN do not like very long page titles.
2. Use the bottom label but use it correctly

Do not use the bottom label for spam purposes. If your name is web-design.jpg, a word string like web design services will suffice in the Alt tag. If you enter too many words, google sees it as spam.

3. Optimize your robots.txt file

With robots.txt you can restrict places you do not want to show to google. I’ll show you how to use a sample robots.txt

User-agent: googlebot

..// We disallow places where we do not want to show.
Disallow: / js /
Disallow: / css /
Disallow: / xxx /
Disallow: / istanbul seo /
Disallow: / ankara seo /

4. Quality of incoming and outgoing links to your site

Backlinks and link outs from your site are very important. The link you give from your site to a poor quality site may despise you. You will also get a poor quality backlink while you humiliate and you can fly a solid backlink. For this reason, it is necessary to check the criteria such as the quality of the links you receive and the seo criteria, the quality of the page, whether it is legal or not.

5. Clicked text on incoming links to your site

It is also very important that the links that come to your site called Anchor Text come from clicking on the text. For example, if you give a link by writing a seo expert to robust and quality sites. Your site is likely to have top rankings on this word.

6. The striking effect of the first sentence of the first paragraph and the first paragraph.

In our case, the first sentence of the first paragraph of the text within the subject must be absolutely related to the title and keyword. Also, the first sentence of the first paragraph is very important in terms of seo. And be very careful with the choice of the first one.

7. The functionality, speed, etc. of the site.

As we mentioned in another article, the speed of your server is a very important criterion. In one word, you are looking at a break of twenty-four hours in the top row of your server. You have fallen to the second page in that word. So the uptime of your site, seo is very important in the speed of coding.

8. Google friendly seo lu linkler (Sef links)

Seo friendly links in a constantly repeated and other known seo criteria. asp = 12? uid = 128 Instead of creating a page like this, a page name like rize-web-design.html yada hduman.html will put you in a higher position.

9. Your site is user friendly

Those who enter the site should not find it too complicated and should be able to access it very easily. Google also gives importance to staying in the site and liking the site. It is also known that google is now physically controlling sites.

10. Correct use of tag labels (H1, H2, H3)

If you use the H1, H2, H3 tags regularly and as needed. You get very positive results.

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