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HTML5 Input Properties

HTML input value The <input /> tag’s value property specifies the default value of the tag. <form> Name:<br /> <input type=”text” name=”name” value=”CANER” /><br /> Surname:<br /> <input type=”text” name=”surname” […]

ROWNUM sql Fonksiyonu

ROWNUM sql Fonksiyonu bir grid ,repeater  veya tabloda   listeleme  yapmak istiyorsak ve  bu çekilen verinin ID de sıralamsını  sağlar, SELECT TO_CHAR(ROWNUM) AS SIRA

Decode Sql Fonksiyon

Decode  fonksiyonu veri tabanımızdaki bilgilerin belirli şartlara uyup uymadığını bulabiliriz.   Örneğin DECODE(PERSONEL_LISTESI,1,’Müdür’,2,’GenelMüdür’,3,’ARGE ‘)AS PERSONEL,


Hello , NVL Sql query today I will press the form of use, After the Select variable Texbox if the field for that ID is empty in that table in […]

Disting sql

Disting it allows us to draw the data that repeats in the table as one. SELECT DISTINCT column1, column2, … FROM table_name; SELECT DISTINCT Examples The following SQL statement selects […]

Does webforms? MVC?

Does webforms? MVC? webforms, html pages and objects are sent through the process. A lot of webforms continue to be used in the platform. Webforms should be preferred […]

What is MVC? What is MVC?

What is MVC? MVC operation logic For example; If we assume the address, the request comes from the Controller. The controller looks at the incoming request and uses the […]

Personnel performance evaluation

Personnel performance evaluation Hello, There is no more in this context, a project made in Turkey. performance evaluation. The project I have done, There are more modules than these. A […]